The 2013 PDMA benchmarking study was just released and holds some interesting findings.  The survey of nearly 1000 product managers found that only 24% of new products hit their revenue targets last year.   Perhaps this data shows we are lousy forecasters.  Alternatively, it could be . . .

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The Medical Device market provides a great illustration of the challenges of developing products in today’s markets. Historically, the 828 medical device makers in the U.S. have generated above average growth and margins thanks to innovative products and consistently rising prices.  But as . . .

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I was nervous that day in 2003 when I left my secure academic position to join the management team at Strategic Pricing Group — a small consultancy that pioneered the field of value-based pricing.  Working at SPG was soon to become one of the most . . .

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Check out the recent Webinar on how to improve new product success rates by incorporating customer value into the development process.  The Webinar introduces some key Product Management tools and shows how to incorporate "value gates" into the development process.   It concludes with a powerful case study for how one firm used a value management approach to turn around its development process.

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TechCo was locked in a downward spiral of lower new product sales caused by a disruptive competitor with simpler technology that was "good enough" for most customers.  They turned to a value-based approach to development to identify new opportunities for growth and improve new product performance.  Download Case

Welcome to the Value Imperative!

Welcome to the Value Imperative!  I have created this site to explore Value Management, an emerging growth paradigm that is transforming companies.  I have helped hundreds of firms use this paradigm to tackle their growth challenges and am sharing those insights on this site.  I hope you find it useful!

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