Marketing Tools

Value-Creation-MapValue Creation Map

The Value Creation Map segments customers based on the value drivers that are most critical to their business.  Although Marketing generally owns and uses the tool, the outputs are a critical input for product managers to help them identify solutions with maximum value creation and profit potential.  It is also used by customer service to design targeted service offerings based on the value derived from different customer groups.

Revenue-MapRevenue Mapping Tool

The Revenue Mapping Tool prioritizes customers based on their ability generate sales volume and margin.  The tool uses a set of standardized analyses to assess revenue and margin potential for each account.  It is an important tool for Sales Managers trying to develop sales models and allocate the sale force across the customer base.

Price-Value-PositioningPrice-Value Positioning Tool

The Price-Value Positioning Tool uses a survey-based methodology to quantify perceived value and price for all competitors and them create a perceptual map to identify product-positioning opportunities.  The positioning map helps managers visualize opportunities to grow share and margin and can be key input to pricing strategy decisions.

Value-MessagingValue Messaging Tool

The Value Messaging Tool starts with the value driver outputs from the Value Quantification Tool and develops benefit statements and validation points for use in marketing and sales collateral.  The tool provides consistency and rigor to the process of developing value-based market communications.

Purchase-ProcessPurchase Process Mapping Tool

The Purchase Process Mapping Tool provides an analytic approach to identifying the various paths that customers take as the search, evaluate, purchase and ultimately use products or services.  The tool focuses on identifying the critical leverage points in the process where customers can be influenced toward your product.  It is designed to work in conjunction with the value-messaging tool to get the right message, to the right person at the right point in the purchase process.