Value Estimation Tools

Economic-Value-QuantificationEconomic Value Quantification Tool

The Economic Value Quantification Tool provides a four-step process that breaks a product offering into core features and maps those features onto the relevant value-drivers in the customer’s organization.  Once the mapping is completed each value driver is quantified using simple algorithms that enable the user to build economic value models for virtually any product configuration.

Perceived-Value-EstimatorPerceived Value Estimation Tool

In many instances, perceived value is a bigger driver of purchase choice and willingness to pay than actual economic value.  The Perceived Value Estimation Tool uses a survey-based methodology to estimate perceived value relative to competitive alternatives.  Like the Economic Value Quantification tool, it estimates value at the feature level in a way that enables the user build value models for different product configurations

Competitive-Price-AnalysisCompetitive Price Analysis Tool

For many customers, the next best alternative to buying your product might be a competing product, do-it-yourself option or even doing without altogether.  The Competitive Price Analysis Tool identifies which competitive alternatives are the most relevant to customers and provides a four-step method to analyze competitive prices for use in other VM tools and analyses.

Relationship-Value-EstimationRelationship Value Quantification Tool

Business relationships create tremendous value for customers, yet that value is seldom, if ever, quantified and shared as part of the value proposition.  The Relationship Value Quantification Tool assesses relative performance (compared to competing vendors) for twelve relationship value drivers and then quantifies the economic worth of each using simple formulas.  The output is a key part of the value story and provides a roadmap for how to create value through closer relationships.