Product Management Tools

Feature-Prioritization-Feature Prioritization Tool

The Feature Prioritization Tool is used to evaluate new product features and prioritize them based on the potential to generate profits.  The tool evaluates the value and cost for each feature and then creates a profitability index that is an essential input to product design decisions.


Version-Design-ToolVersion Design Tool

The Version Design Tool provides a systematic approach for creating product variations (e.g., good, better, best) to maximize value created in the market.  It also identifies which product (or solution) elements are best suited to be ala carte options.  The tool can be used for specific products as well as solutions containing products, software, data and services.


Bundling-ToolBundling Tool

The Bundling Tool uses an understanding of customer value to create product / service bundles that drive margin improvement and cross selling.  The tool shows how to construct bundles designed to (a) simplify the purchase process, (b) increase performance and (c) aggregate products to drive cross-sell