Sales Tools

Customer-ProfilerCustomer Profiler

The Customer Profiler is an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool for grouping customers based on their negotiation approach.  It identifies three basic customer types: price buyers, value-buyers and relationship buyers and outlines the fundamental principles for value-selling and negotiation for each type.  The customer profiles are an essential input to make effective use of the Price Negotiation Handbook.

Competitor-ProfilerCompetitor Profiler

The Competitor Profiler is an invaluable tool when preparing the sales plan for important customers.  The tool evaluates the relative performance of competing suppliers along twelve key performance dimensions and then creates a visual risk profile for each competitor that highlights their strengths and weaknesses.  The output can be used for internal planning or shared with the customer during the sales process.

Pricing-Power-Assessor-(2)Pricing Power Assessor

The Pricing Power Assessor evaluates the degree to which a supplier has leverage that can be used during the negotiation.   The tool identifies eight sources of negotiation leverage and provides a framework for determining which ones are advantages and which ones are liabilities going into the negotiation.  This knowledge is critical when deciding how to respond to aggressive negotiation tactics

Negotiation-HandbookPrice Negotiation Handbook

The Price Negotiation Handbook provides a comprehensive approach to negotiating with sophisticated customers and their professional procurement groups.  Based on extensive research with procurement and sales managers, the handbook reveals the secret procurement strategies and tactics and provides clear and concise responses that will allow suppliers to level the playing field with even the most aggressive customers

Value-SellingValue Selling Tool

The Value Selling Tool is designed to support value conversations throughout the sales process.  It starts with the outputs from the value quantification tools, which are then organized into discussion templates centered on product, service, support, logistics / supply and relationship.  Each template clearly identifies the key points of differentiation, proof points (in the form of quotes from other customers), and quantified value estimates.